Diallo Jackson joins the Meany counseling team

A warm welcome to Diallo Jackson who has just joined the Meany counseling team and will be working with Ms. Baker in supporting our Meany students. Here's a little bit about Mr. Jackson in his own words:

I was born in Spokane Washington but raised in Seattle since age three. I grew up in the south end and Central District of Seattle, and I attended Van-Asselt, Wing Luke, Madrona, Meany, and then graduated from West Seattle high school in 1994. I attended Whitman College and graduated in 1999.

The majority of my work experience is in guidance counseling and school intervention programs. I have also worked at the Washington State Penitentiary, in healthcare as a Patient Care Coordinator, and in social services as a Program Director of Emergency Services for the homeless. I started my family in Walla Walla in 2000 with my high school sweetheart. In 2011, I received my Masters degree in Guidance Counseling from City University.

I currently live in West Seattle with my wife and three kids. My oldest son Elijah Zephon 17, a senior, attends Chief Sealth High School with his younger sister Kai Malika, age 15 freshman. My youngest son is Taien Cyrus 13, 8th grader, attends Denny. My wife Jennifer works for her mother‘s adult home family business where she does geriatric care for dementia patients. My oldest son Elijah will be attending Eastern Washington University next year on a full ride Division I basketball scholarship.

The Meany Coat Drive & Ski Swap is coming!

The Meany Coat Drive & Ski Swap will help provide Meany families with warm coats for the winter and support scholarships for the Meany Ski Bus. It will be held on Saturday, January 6th from 9am to noon.

Any Meany family can pick up a coat at no cost on the day of the event. Ski and snowboarding equipment will be sold at a low cost, with all proceeds going to a scholarship fund for the Meany Ski Bus program. 

Families can donate coats of all sizes, in new, almost-new, or very gently used good condition, from now until January 5th. Skis, snowboards, and boots can be donated between now and January 5th. Bring your donations to the school office.

Volunteers are needed Saturday before, during, and after the event! Learn more and sign up here.

Questions? Contact John Sullivan at 206 719 2902.

Friends of Meany Middle School Ski Bus

We are excited to announce that we have finalized the details for the Friends of Meany Ski Bus. We will be partnering with Webbski. Established in 1965, Webbski is one of the most successful continuing ski instruction programs in the Northwest.

General Information: The program will run on Fridays from January 5, 2018 to February 9th. The bus will depart Meany at 4:15 pm and arrive at Snoqualmie Central Ski Resort at approximately 5:30. Lessons (for those who choose to enroll) will run from 7:30-8:45. The bus will depart the mountain at 9:30 and arrive back at Meany at approximately 10:30 pm.

Cost: The cost is $158.00 for transportation only or $286.50 for transportation and lessons. The cost to rent ski gear is $79.20 for 11 year olds and $132 for 12-13 year olds for the entire 6 weeks. The rental cost for a snowboard and boots is $25 for 11 year olds and $30 for 12 and older. Lift tickets are $45 per night ($15 per night for the magic carpet only) for ages 7-12 and $50 for ages 13 and up. If you think your child will ski at Snoqualmie Pass more than 8 times this season, a season pass might make sense. Scholarships are available for students this year.

Registration: There are three ways you can register your child for this program. Forms are due ASAP.

1) On Tuesday, December 12th at 6:00 pm at Meany we will have an information/registration night. You can register your student then.

2) Download a registration packet and mail it to Webbski, Inc., 303 North 55th St., Seattle WA 98103.

3) Call Webbski directly at 206-782-5641 and have them mail you a registration packet.

Volunteering: Thanks to all of you that have indicated a willingness to help get the program started. We will send out a separate email detailing ways you can contribute, including chaperoning.

If you have questions please contact Webbski directly at (206) 782-5641, or www.webbski.com. You may also contact parent organizers Johnn Sullivan at John.sullivan@cbre.com or Fred Kaplan at fredkaplancatering@gmail.com or Rusty Hibbert at rustyhibbert@yahoo.com.

Meany PTSA Budget approved

The Meany PTSA 2017-2018 budget was approved on November 28 at the Meany PTSA General Meeting and is a revision of the school’s initial summer budget. It assumes $77K in revenue, which includes $29K in “seed money” from the Washington Middle School (WMS) split and $40K from our inaugural Annual Fund (our main fundraiser this year; there will be no auction). The WMS seed money will cover startup costs ($2.6K) with the rest being set aside in a reserve fund. Operational, fundraising, and communication costs total $6.2K ($1.9K of which is a pass-through for membership dues owed to the state) while the rest goes directly to supporting Meany students, including:

  • Success in the Classroom ($20K): Each full-time classroom teacher will receive $300 and each department will receive a grant. 
  • Success beyond the Classroom ($10.5K): These funds support the counseling team; student government, showcases, and planners; and after-school academic interventions. And, a one-time gift from the Friends of Washington Music (FOWM) will be used to help start this year’s drumline program.  
  • Community Building and Support ($6.5K): This provides $3K for community building events as well as money for 8th grade promotion, a high school success night, diversity and/or outreach efforts, and teacher appreciation. 
  • Board Discretionary Funds ($5K):  Given that Meany is a new school, these are funds the PTSA Board may allocate, if need be, for initiatives that may arise and/or costs that are yet to be determined.  

Funds raised this year, up to the projection, will go towards the items listed above.