First day traffic & transportation

There will likely be a lot of traffic congestion on the first day of school. Families are encouraged to avoid driving their student to school if possible (please have them walk or take public transportation if you can). There is very limited parking in the neighborhood surrounding the school, so if you must drive you should plan to park several blocks away. Please use extra caution while driving, especially looking out for students at bus stops or walking to/from school. If you are picking up your student after school, either arrive early and park far away, or pre-arrange a meeting place, etc.

Parent volunteers will be positioned around the perimeter of the school to help direct students. If you plan to drop off your student at the curb, please approach the school from 19th Ave E. and turn east onto E. Republican St. and drop off your student along the north side of the building. Please avoid driving onto 21st Ave. E. where the main entrance is located. This is a school bus zone.

Students should walk to enter the school at the main entrance (east side of the building, closest to the adjacent field). Other entrances will not be open. Parent volunteers will be outside the main entrance and inside the school to direct students where to go. There will be separate meeting areas for 6th graders, 7th graders and 8th graders.