Meany PTSA Budget approved

The Meany PTSA 2017-2018 budget was approved on November 28 at the Meany PTSA General Meeting and is a revision of the school’s initial summer budget. It assumes $77K in revenue, which includes $29K in “seed money” from the Washington Middle School (WMS) split and $40K from our inaugural Annual Fund (our main fundraiser this year; there will be no auction). The WMS seed money will cover startup costs ($2.6K) with the rest being set aside in a reserve fund. Operational, fundraising, and communication costs total $6.2K ($1.9K of which is a pass-through for membership dues owed to the state) while the rest goes directly to supporting Meany students, including:

  • Success in the Classroom ($20K): Each full-time classroom teacher will receive $300 and each department will receive a grant. 
  • Success beyond the Classroom ($10.5K): These funds support the counseling team; student government, showcases, and planners; and after-school academic interventions. And, a one-time gift from the Friends of Washington Music (FOWM) will be used to help start this year’s drumline program.  
  • Community Building and Support ($6.5K): This provides $3K for community building events as well as money for 8th grade promotion, a high school success night, diversity and/or outreach efforts, and teacher appreciation. 
  • Board Discretionary Funds ($5K):  Given that Meany is a new school, these are funds the PTSA Board may allocate, if need be, for initiatives that may arise and/or costs that are yet to be determined.  

Funds raised this year, up to the projection, will go towards the items listed above. 

Budget update

The parent budget survey results are in and, in a ranking of importance, academic and teacher classroom support was the overwhelming priority for parents who completed the survey.  

Student-led academic grants, specific in-school programs, and teacher grants were the next group of priorities, with teacher professional development close behind.  Community building- and social events, after-school programs, and community support were the next group of important items. Teacher appreciation came in at the bottom with suggestions that this could be supported via in-kind donations or other non-financial means. 

The Budget Committee is using these results to drive our 2017-2018 spending priorities. We are working closely with Ms. Oatis and will present budget recommendations to the PTSA Board on Thursday, November 9th.  Please contact Anne Friedlander with questions or for more information.