Meany PTSA Budget approved

The Meany PTSA 2017-2018 budget was approved on November 28 at the Meany PTSA General Meeting and is a revision of the school’s initial summer budget. It assumes $77K in revenue, which includes $29K in “seed money” from the Washington Middle School (WMS) split and $40K from our inaugural Annual Fund (our main fundraiser this year; there will be no auction). The WMS seed money will cover startup costs ($2.6K) with the rest being set aside in a reserve fund. Operational, fundraising, and communication costs total $6.2K ($1.9K of which is a pass-through for membership dues owed to the state) while the rest goes directly to supporting Meany students, including:

  • Success in the Classroom ($20K): Each full-time classroom teacher will receive $300 and each department will receive a grant. 
  • Success beyond the Classroom ($10.5K): These funds support the counseling team; student government, showcases, and planners; and after-school academic interventions. And, a one-time gift from the Friends of Washington Music (FOWM) will be used to help start this year’s drumline program.  
  • Community Building and Support ($6.5K): This provides $3K for community building events as well as money for 8th grade promotion, a high school success night, diversity and/or outreach efforts, and teacher appreciation. 
  • Board Discretionary Funds ($5K):  Given that Meany is a new school, these are funds the PTSA Board may allocate, if need be, for initiatives that may arise and/or costs that are yet to be determined.  

Funds raised this year, up to the projection, will go towards the items listed above.