Meany Courtyard/Garden Outdoor Education Project

Meany has two outdoor garden courtyard spaces that are enclosed within the building footprint that students and staff pass through daily. There is a small courtyard off of the staff lounge and a larger north courtyard that runs the length of and in between the two main hallways. 

The two courtyard spaces are horribly overgrown and basically haven’t been touched since the 1960’s. These spaces were not revamped in the the recent school remodel. If you attended the Meany Art Festival last week you saw the larger courtyard space which was where seating and the BBQ grill we’re set up.

Meany parents Anna Davidson (PTSA Liaison) and Jennifer Guthrie (Landscape Architect) have been working collaboratively with Principal Oatis and teachers from the Art Department and Special Ed Department to envision plans for reworking these spaces! Some of their ideas….

Smaller Interior Courtyard:  Sensory garden to aid in life-skills for Special Ed; tables and seating to accommodate a class of 30 to enjoy outdoor, protected, safe learning space.

Larger North Courtyard:  Outdoor installation of art projects or mural painted by students;  outdoor educational space and meeting area for classes of all kinds; garden beds for planting edible plant/herb/flower gardens; 8th grade garden stewardship program; after school enrichment + outdoor science and gardening programs.

See the landscape drawings/details that Anna and Jennifer presented at the May 2019 Meany PTSA General Meeting.

Accomplished so far:

  • Complete Landscape Architect drawings created for smaller courtyard and preliminary drawings for larger courtyard.

  • Approval From SPS for smaller courtyard space (have not yet presented final drawings of larger courtyard space).

  • SPS committing to supply some workforce such as dead tree removal and pressure washing of concrete for smaller courtyard.

  • Vision meetings with both the Art and Special Ed program teacher liaisons.

  • Smaller courtyard has been funded by PTSA and should be completed for the 2019-2020 school year.

Next Steps:

  • Work will start soon on the smaller courtyard; cleanup, irrigation and planting to be completed in Fall 2019 (will be able to use this space during the 2019-2020 school year).

  • The larger north courtyard will be completed in phases as funds are raised; cost to complete the larger courtyard space will be $30,000.

  • Volunteer Grant Writers Needed: We are seeking parent volunteers to work with us to help secure grant money for this project. No prior grant writing experience necessary!

  • Donations will be sought for pots, seeds, soil, etc., and hands on help will also be needed as the project moves forward.

Please join us in helping to create an incredible outdoor learning space which will benefit all students at Meany for years to come!

If interested in helping with this project, please contact Meany PTSA Garden Project Liaison, Anna Davidson